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Firmo is an independent, fee-based and performance-based Registered Investment Advisory firm.


We don't charge commissions for portfolio management services. Instead we charge a straight fee, a percentage on the amount of assets under management.


This means our advice to you is completely based on what's best for you. Period. We think it's the only arrangement that's fair to clients.


Our team of talented professionals are committed to building lifelong relationships with clients based on honesty, prompt service, and results. We use the best research and technology available to help you succeed with your financial goals.

Our Approach
Investing with a purpose.


Transparency, focus, and great client services are what Firmo believes in. We do not invest just to invest.  Firmo takes the Investing with a Purpose approach to managing your money. 


Prior to making recommendations, we discuss what is most important to the client, you. We ask the important questions. 


Why do you want to invest? What are your most important goals? What are your expectations? What kind of decisions need to be made to reach your goals? 


Taking the time to answer these questions will help determine the right course of action for you. 


Together, we will create a plan to help you succeed. In your plan, we address the potential road blocks (economy, tax changes, personal financial challenges, etc.) and possible solutions to overcome those obstacles to give the highest likelihood of accomplishing your goals.


Get your plan in motion today and start investing with a purpose.

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