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Our Firm

Firmo defined (Latin): To assert, maintain / strengthen, make firm / encourage.


Firmo Investment Consulting Services was founded by Javier Jimenez, an Investment Professional with over 19 years of consulting experience with firms such as Morgan Stanley, Wedbush Morgan Securities, and Firmo.


He launched the company in June 2011 with the idea of creating a company with a unique outlook on client relations and financial planning. This includes a true hands-on approach to getting to know the client, identifying purposeful goals, and utilizing the best resources available to help manage client objectives.


Firmo is a fee-based and performance-based Registered Investment Advisory firm, focusing on servicing individuals and corporations with financial planning, money management, and insurance solutions. Firmo allows its clients to choose where to hold their assets; therefore, you can be assured you are getting straightforward, unbiased advice.

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