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Does your firm sell proprietary products? 


A: We don't sell any proprietary products. Firmo utilizes a Fee-Based model. It allows us to choose what ever investments best fit our clients objectives. We believe it is best for the client and allows for the advisor to be on the same side of the client's interest.


Who do you clear security transactions through?
A: Firmo may recommend a broker dealer based on the investment strategy but ultimately allows the client to


What is the minimum account size Firmo will take on?


A. In general, Firmo's minimum is $100,000 but when it comes to financial planning there is no minimum.


Do you open accounts online?


A: Firmo established Firmo Balance in order to get to know the client. It allows a secure method of uploading personal information so that Investment Advisor can make better and informed recommendations for clients. Although the account may start by an online inquiry it is always followed up by a business relationship with an investment advisor.


Do you open international accounts?


A: Yes, we have client accounts internationally. Our relationships with Interactive Brokers allows us to open such accounts. 

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