"Transparency, focus, and great client services are what Firmo believes in. We do not invest just to invest.  Firmo takes the Investing with a Purpose approach to managing your money." - Javier R. Jimenez


Firmo's Fee-Based Money Management platform allows the client to choose where their assets are to be held. We don't charge commissions to the client. Instead we charge a straight fee, a percentage on the amount of assets under management. This allows for the client and the advisor to be on the same page without worrying that your advisor is getting paid for making more transactions than they should be making. Firmo utilizes some of the best technology and research available, and the best managers available as well, to help accomplish your investment objectives.


Vanguard is one of the world's largest investment management companies with over 1.3 trillion in assets under management. They bring value to financial professionals and their clients because of their size, stability, and experience.


Vanguard's low cost structure helps passive investors with cost savings.


Firmo utilizes the Vanguard platform for many of its passively managed fee-based advisory service accounts.


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Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is an elite equity and option clearing house for institutions and financial professionals. 


IB provides trading, clearing, and reporting capabilities for Professional Advisors.


Firmo utilizes the IB platform for its performance-based managed advisory service accounts.


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